Hotel Renovations

Hotel Renovations

Revitalizing Aged Hotels

Maintaining structural integrity and modern appeal is not merely a choice—it’s a necessity for seasoned hotel properties. Pacific Building Solutions specializes in renovating hotels that have weathered the test of time, focusing on crucial aspects like siding, roofing, windows, and the entire building envelope. This article will guide you through the typical wear and tear that aged hotels endure, the undeniable benefits of choosing renovations, and why Pacific Building Solutions is the premier choice for bringing venerable hotel properties back to their former glory.

Common Signs of Aging in Hotels

Aged hotels often exhibit distinct signs of deterioration that require professional attention. Key issues include:

  • Weather-Induced Deterioration: Damage from prolonged exposure to adverse weather predominantly affects roofs, siding, and windows.
  • Water Damage: Persistent leaks and improper drainage can lead to structural weaknesses and interior damage.
  • Aesthetic Aging: External and internal wear that reduces a hotel’s curb appeal to guests and passersby.
  • Structural Integrity: Aging buildings may develop foundational issues, including cracks and settling that compromise safety.

Recognizing these signs early can prevent more extensive and expensive repairs.

Pacific Building Solutions Hotel Renovations beforePacific Building Solutions Hotel Renovations

Why Renovations Are Crucial for Aged Hotels

Renovations are a strategic choice for hotel owners aiming to preserve their building’s historical value while adapting to modern standards of safety and comfort. Benefits of choosing renovations include:

  • Preservation of Authenticity: Maintains the original architectural essence, which can be a significant draw for guests.
  • Cost Efficiency: Typically more cost-effective than rebuilding, restoration focuses resources on critical areas.
  • Less Disruption: Hotel operations can continue with minimal impact during restoration projects.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Updated structures meet current safety and environmental regulations, avoiding legal complications.

Comprehensive Benefits of Hotel Renovations

Opting for professional renovation services offers numerous long-term advantages:

  • Boosted Guest Satisfaction: Renovations can dramatically enhance the guest experience, influencing repeat visits and positive reviews.
  • Increased Market Value: A well-maintained, attractive hotel garners higher real estate value and investment interest.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Modern materials and technologies decrease maintenance needs and energy consumption.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Upgrades during restoration improve overall safety for guests and staff.

Why Choose Pacific Building Solutions?

Pacific Building Solutions stands out in hotel renovation because of our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and specialized knowledge in restoring aged hotel properties. Our team ensures that every project respects the hotel’s original character while infusing modern functionality and efficiency.

Our Awards

Our Extensive Array of Awards and Professional Accreditations

Our company has spent years training, educating, and taking many development courses and certifications on waterproofing, integration of flashing, and the proper building methods to protect your home’s exterior envelope cladding. We are always updated on the latest technology and building codes. Moisture management rain screen systems, environmental consideration, energy conservation, and green building have been at the forefront of our many projects for years. We are also proud to offer LEED-certified materials specifically formulated for the environment, our sustainable future, and our carbon footprint.

We offer many quality products with various architectural options for whatever exterior project you are considering. Pacific Building Solutions also implements comprehensive protocols for replacing defective EIFS and Louisiana Pacific siding with premium exterior options like Cedar or HardiePlank. We always include a dedicated and experienced project manager assigned exclusively to you. Pacific Building Solutions implements our unsurpassed customer service and professionalism on every project. We want to earn your business and trust and be your exterior contractor for the greater Portland metro and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information.